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        As the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Rule takes effect January 6, 2020, shippers and carriers alike need to be aware of the new regulation and its potential impact to supply chains. The rule establishes a federal database of drivers who have failed or refused a drug test, and drivers in this database will not be permitted to drive until treatment is successfully completed. This rule will help keep potentially dangerous drivers off the road and enhance public safety, but as Tom DiSalvi, Vice President of Safety, Driver Training and Compliance at Schneider, points out in this video, carriers and shippers should prepare for potential impacts to cost and capacity.

        Published November 2019

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        As a premier transportation and logistics provider, Schneider offers tailored Dry Van Truckload, truck-like Intermodal, Bulk and Dedicated solutions with 19 equipment configurations that keep your freight safe, secure and on time.

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